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19 South Audley Street
London, England, W1K 2NY
United Kingdom


Bringing together designers, craftsmen & cultures.

We present a family of beautifully crafted everyday objects that emerged out of collaborations between artisans and designers from diverse cultural backgrounds. We have come together to create functional objects of use; simple, elegant and timeless.

Care FAQ


Care FAQ

Follow these precautions and our to&from stone products should withstand the elements and be long-lasting, treasured pieces:

WILL MY TO&FROM PIECE STAIN? Marble is a natural, porous stone so be careful not to leave water or liquid for long periods of time on the Marble as it will soak in and possibly leave a mark. Many of our products can be used in the kitchen or bathroom, however, please note that some soaps or lotions may contain acidic or oily components which may mark the stone and leave a bruised, shadow appearance. Please keep in mind acidic products such as lemons and vinegar, strong pigments like cumin or turmeric, and oily products may dull or stain the Marble. In saying this, stains usually turn a dull yellow or bruised grey tone - don’t be scared to keep using your piece, it is merely a sign of good use and love!

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY MARBLE BASICS PRODUCT?  Marble is a fragile product, so please treat your Marble Basics pieces with love as they are breakable. After use, wipe down the Marble with a neutral cleaner like a mild dishwashing detergent with warm water, and pat dry immediately.

WHAT DO I DO IF I HAVE MARKED MY PIECE?   If you mark your piece you can try to lift the stain with dishwashing detergent and warm water, if this fails, we do not advise any other home methods and these should be done so at your own risk. Please don’t fret if you stain your piece, small markings and ‘patina’ merely add character and appreciation of use and should not deter you from continuing to use your piece. Welcome these unique qualities that add to the already beautiful natural material.